Friday, September 05, 2014

Got God No Ghost


Why believe in God = do not want to be involved in projects about ghosts?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Yellow Dog Project

Are you a dog owner who often brings your beloved pooch out for walks but constantly worries about aggressive dogs approaching it and hurting it? I do worry as I have heard many real life stories about injured dogs, be it minor injury or major.

I have heard of 1) dogs who have lost their eyes 2) dogs with sewn up wounds on their body 3) scratched nose 4) shorten tail 5) bitten ears ... due to aggressive dog attacks.

These dogs may not be aggressive in nature, their actions are sometimes due to fear or pain or others.

The Yellow Dog Project is a good movement whereby dog owners with dogs that need space, tie a yellow ribbon on its leash to warn others that their dog is a dog who needs space aka Do Not Disturb.

Do you have a dog who needs space, kindly tie a yellow ribbon on its leash.

Love & Respect Canine, because your dog loves you all his entire life.

#yellowdogproject #Singapore #dogs

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hungry Ghost Rituals - Hong Kong movie


Read this news and got so agitated/irritated. MTR Hong Kong requested for a clean version of the posters, the kind that they say 'would not scare anybody', or no poster at all and demanded the current ones to be removed. How do one promote a Scary/Horror movie with a 'would not scare anybody' poster? Can it still be called Horror Movie? Can it still be considered promotional posters for Horror movies?

Don't get why people are affected by these horror or scary posters/images?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Being Alone

但, 你为何也是那些人?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dramas and Movies lately

For the past 3 months, I watched several dramas/movies, some I've even forgotten already.
My Top 5 Korean Dramas that I've watched recently:
1) You who came from the stars (Must Watch)
2) Faith
3) Master's Sun
4) Secret
5) Who are you
On going dramas, Emergency Couple, Cheo Young, Vampire Diaries Season 5... ... These 3 I like.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014

Don't like stress

Nothing is smooth.

24 Feb night, I heard the voice.
25 Feb night, I heard again. Around the same timing.

I thought it has gone. So it has somehow remained a little.

I slept at about 11am on 25 Feb and woke up at about 430pm. 5 1/2 hours of sleep.

Had a crazy 25 Feb. Was breaking out in cold sweats periodically, having fainting spells and in pain. Not a good thing to have your dog whining at you throughout the day as well. That night, it hurted so much, I cried out. Saw my dog looked above me then his eyes traced it to my left then to my right and then to the window area. Finally stopped whining and lay down beside me. I felt better immediately.

I lasted till now. It's 28 Feb, 1030am. I am at work. It will be an estimated 80 hours++ without a wink. Great. Having a headache. Heart kept pounding hard when I tried to sleep last night. Thinking of the horrible things happening at work.

Everything is crazy.

Monday, February 10, 2014


If 朋友 accuses you,
then he/she is not your friend;
If 朋友 ignores you,
then he/she is not your friend;
If 朋友 treats you like shit;
then he/she is not your friend.

Try not to think too much, life goes on.
The more you love these friends, the deeper the hurt you get.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Super Upset

An unwelcome foreign girlfriend of my family decided to stay in my house. No idea why she can do that without my/our permission. She drinks and talks loudly in the early morning (5-6am++) and also close/open the doors without care. I hate it! I sleep at 3am+ daily, I am a light sleeper and recently my sleep has been deprived.

I am very anal about hygiene. I don't like le furkid to be near that foreigner. I have seen le furkid ran in and licked her without her stopping. I have also seen the foreigner stick her fingers into the cage and let le furkid bloody licked it?! Why so brainless?

I myself clean my face/hands/feet/legs after returning home before letting my dog come to me or play with it so I cannot stand it when others let it lick or whatever.

I also don't understand why one can use dirty feather duster to play with my dog, in the face some more!

Please, you don't even contribute anything in the house, kindly respect me/us.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy Pets At Yishun Blk 261 Review

I am extremely UPSET/ANGRY with Happy Pets Salon!

The first time I went, was about a month ago. It was already not a pleasant trip. They complained about the matts on my dog and wanted to shave it all off, I insisted no, as I am sure the matts can be detangled. It was a Monday.

There are bound to still have matts even when I combed it daily, mine is a long haired breed. He kept insisting that I did not comb it! So now what, you are at my house and you are spying me and that you saw that I do not comb my dog?

See the scars on my hands, I combed it almost everyday! I combed, it bit. I bought a metal comb from them to comb my dog's fur and he too kept insisting that I should use a slicker brush to comb through first before using the metal comb despite me telling him several times that I already had slicker brushes at home and I Do follow that method. He even said that my dog maybe suffering from skin diseases if the matts are always there?!

The dog trainer came over that weekend and examine my dog, she said that it is just that the colour of the fur is changing again and it makes it look like reddish skin underneath. I don't understand why some grooming salons are so LAZY to do dematting? I pay leh!

Two weeks later, I brought my dog to Marine & Pet Image for grooming. Paid $65 for basic grooming + dematting. No stupid questions asked. Their dematting skills are way better than Happy Pets' and the staff there are all very friendly.

Today, I tried to book an appointment with Happy Pets again, yes, I am that kind. But the same guy spoke to me on the phone till I felt like I wanted to hantam him!!!

I asked for available slots and after he got my dog's name, he immediately started his bible of fur dematting stories. He said I should start to comb my dog daily from today onwards so that when it is being brought to their salon, the dog can be groomed properly?! WTH?! Am I supposed to bring my dog for not proper grooming?

He continued...(sounds like lecturing me).

I asked: "So, now what?" He continued his bible.

... ...

The best part comes. He said:

"That time I did the dematting is as a Favor for you."

WTH! I starting fuming sia! Favor? What favor? I paid for your dematting services too!

I am so mad, I don't know how to continue anymore, I said I will cancel the appointment then and he said: "so you are not coming already?" Me: "No."

If you don't want to 被气死/be angered to death, DON'T BRING YOUR PETS TO HAPPY PETS SALON IN YISHUN BLOCK 261.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Innocent Man

Took 2 weeks leave in December and I only managed to finish one drama. What was I doing man?
That was a Korean Drama, Innocent Man.
Their acting not very fantastic yo~
Song Joong Ki was best friends with Lee Kwang Soo in this drama. Funny Kwangvata.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

BMI 21.07

BMI 21.7 is not fat.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Do I Do

Love You You: Took 3 days to finish a movie! What was I doing??? Actually I was accompanying my rabbits, disturbing / playing with them ;)
I Do I Do: Kim Sun Ah look so different here. Not bad a drama. Total 16 episodes.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I want to have many pets! I would like to have a cat and a dog and a pair of lovebirds and a hamster and an iguana!

I hope this cat in the picture is next in my list! So cute!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Dr Jin and 灵听

Dr Jin 很好看! Total: 22 episodes. I like this drama, some medical stuff+info, very interesting. Maybe I will go buy the comic books.

Fallen for this Kim Jaejoong(DBSK)!
I hearts! I hearts! I would have chosen him if I am Miss Hong in the drama!

灵听: Have you watch? Personally we should support local films, but I really don't think anyone should spent money on the movie tickets. Maybe just rent the discs can already...

Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Watched 天使之恋 last night.
The weather was so fantastic last night! I hung my legs on the window grills! The air was so refreshing too. It rained before midnight. My favourite thing at night! 

Another movie I caught was Meet the In Laws ^

Don't like...

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Very sleepy

I slept for about 2 hrs last night. Usually Mondays to Fridays already sleep very little, like an average of 4hrs daily. I really panda eyes today. Thanks to my noisy rabbit! Smart boy Charcoal tried to quieten him down but he just cannot be stopped...

I watched a movie last evening. 高小姐计划.The actor on the top right look like some Jap gangster hor... loll!

Before the movie, I spent the week watching a drama. "I Love Lee Tae Ri".

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dramas,Movies Jul and Aug the past 2 months plus, I caught a some dramas/movies. I like to list down the titles here for my own reference =)
 A Gentleman's Dignity: This drama is the best in this content. Jang Dong Gun is so handsome and charismatic!!! I want a boyfriend like that!!!
 100 Days With Mr Arrogant: Abit Boring
 407 Dark Flight (Thai): The make up artists were very good, watch-able ...
 All About My Wife: So boring, not to my liking, don't watch.
 Chilling Romance: Not bad ( Watch when free)
 Hearty Paws 2: Abit draggy. The first movie still the bomb, can cry
 Hello Ghost: This is quite heart warming, can cry a river too.
 Many A Little Romance: Don't understand why JoongKi take on this role, spoilt his image. Like the female main actress though...
 Midnight FM: Not bad, slight gruesome content. Horror.
 My Tutor Friend: This should be quite some time ago already, don't really like it.
 Only You: 6/10
 Pain: 6/10
 Petty Romance: 5/10
 Queen In Hyun's Man: Nice! Colleagues mentioned can cry a river but I didn't.
 Scent Of A Woman: Very good. Cry the whole ocean. Hearts Lee Dong Wook
 The Art Of Seduction: Already on TV twice yet I still watched it a third time. Silly me! Ok ok only.
 You Are My Pet: Fun Movie!
 The Accidental Husband: 7/10
 爱不爱: Boring movie! But I is heart Hyun Bin...
 Diecovery: Thai horror movie. Why Thai make up artist for horror movies always so good one?
 别但心,是女鬼: I don't like. No comment.
 Good Bye, Wife: Throughout the dramas, always can see/hear stuffs about Christianity. I hate it! But the later parts of the drama very touching, can cry a river...
 Hearty Paws: Please watch and cry an ocean.
 Secret Garden: This drama no need any introductions. Nice romance drama, handsome Hyun Bin.
 特工强档:Nice! Watched 3 times already! Like both the leads.
Vampire Prosecutor: I watched 2 episodes(Total:13 episodes) when it first aired and stopped until recently to finish it. They are filming Part 2 now. Part 2 poster look better. I ignored the silly vampire story to finish the whole drama.

Are these too little for 2 months? Anybody with dramas or movies to recommend? Running Man is on going on my list, it's such a funny variety, everyone should watch! I think it is a blessing to be watching Running Man with your love ones and laughing together=) Am watching I Love Lee Tae Ri at the moment.

Monday, July 30, 2012


I haven't blog anything for one and a half month already! I was ill the whole of last week, could not work, could not do anything. Medicine made me weak but did not allow me to sleep/ rest well because I was short of breath. Did not even catch ANY movie or drama last week, at all! But I did watch a lot of dramas and movies during these one and a half month. Will post the titles up soon for my records.
Following is a list of dramas that I planned to catch in August, mostly Korean dramas=p

- Dr Jin
-I Love Lee Tae Ri
-I Do I Do
-The King Two Hearts

 Erm... I think too many dramas already. There are some which I watched a couple of episodes and just jumped to others...(*Fickled minded*) Heehe! 

I am really sick of work already, going to plan quitting soon, need to save some money first. I despised adults who do not give allowance or give S$10-$150 per month to their parents/guardian. Damn Xia Suay (Embarrassing)! I know of a handful who are like that, how can they be so thick skinned? It is so Xia Suay lor! The feeling is like u just got stripped naked in front of thousands of people in the middle of Orchard road!! And then there are some who used their parents' money for wedding dinner; for their own car loan; for his girlfriend's education (Yes, that ridiculous!); for their wedding photo shoot; for dinner; for going out on a date night and many more...All these people deserved to suffer severely in the later parts of their life! Smokers included, although I would prefer smokers to die on the spot, especially those who are not considerate to others! Enough ranting...till next time.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Snow White & the Huntsman / Princess Charm School

Watched 2 movies today. Snow White & the Huntsman was a very good movie, only pity the last part or ending as it did not show Snow White and the Huntsman happily together...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rooftop Prince / Fondant Garden / Charcoal

Recently finished watching 2 dramas, Korean's "Rooftop Prince" and Taiwan's "Fondant Garden".
Rooftop Prince very nice and interesting!Though the plot is common as shown in similar HongKong or China Dramas but still nice! Fondant Garden so so, gotta be a fan of any of the cast to enjoy the drama...

Charcoal licked my forehead for about 5 minutes last night!! His tongue warm warm one...Loves Charcoal! I quietly placed some romaine lettuce on the side of the short table that I used for eating my dinner, Charcoal stood up to take a peek, found the small plate of romaines and when I pretend to look at the TV, Charcoal steal a piece of the romaine and hide under the table and munched. He does that for the rest of the pieces. Is it not cute? Why my Charcoal so cute one?
Charcoal trys to wake me up every weekday after my alarm sounds off. He does it by holding the gate with his teeth and shaking them hard. Once he knows that I am awake, he would sit up and wait for me to pet it for a while. I hearts Charcoal!